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Wine Review and, "Are more expensive wines always better"?

     Ahhh, that old adage;  "Expensive wine always tastes better."  There is some truth to this statement however.  As a sommelier and avid wine drinker I must admit that the majority of wines that are more expensive are better quality and generally taste better.  Although as you know, taste is subjective and what tastes great to you, may taste like broccoli to me (I hate broccoli).

Now, let's talk about a wine I have been tasting over the years and spending no more than $12 a bottle, sometimes even catching it at $8 a bottle at some stores "Crazy Deals".  It's a Riesling (not from Germany) by Charles Smith from Columbia Valley, Washington State. It's called Kung Fu Girl and the name was inspired by the film "Kill Bill".  It's a delightful white wine full of acidity and fresh fruit flavor (not too sweet like most associate Riesling with).  It has nice complexity and viscosity due to the fact that the wine while aging, is left on the lees (yeast sediments) for at least two months.

And if that's not enough, it was voted #45 on WS Top 100 List in 2015!!

So Grab a bottle and pair with a nice lightly spiced Asian dish!

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